We “IndianArt Furnitures Pvt. Ltd.” are a leading Manufacturing and Export organization of wooden handcrafted products and furniture. In-house, we start from purchasing of raw wood logs by legal forests to a final carton loaded into container out from factory after due quality inspection.

15000 sq mtr in Jaipur

Our plant at Jaipur location consists of facilities from Chemical treatment to final packed furniture including all types of in-house machineries for wood machining, wood sanding & Coloring. We have plants well ventilated so that clean work environment is made available to the workers to have healthy productivity.

20000 sq mtr in Sardar Shahr (275 Km from Jaipur)

Well ventilated plant with in-house facilities from chemical treatment to raw furniture in Sardarshahr that includes machineries for wood machining, wood sanding etc. A clean work environment is also made available for workers for better productivity.

Total Capacity: 60 40HQ’ Containers
Spare Capacity: 25 40HQ’ Containers

Workforce Team for “IndianArt Furnitures”

We have workforce team of over 450 craftsmen working at “IndianArt Furnitures” & with the help of such highly skilled team of workers & their experience in wood & allied joinery, we dominate the high end furniture market by stressing the quality of workmen & materials of our products lines, keeping up with & integrated technological advances in the personal computing environment, by increasing our market research & customer service in order to constantly satisfy our market’s needs.